Kraftfahrzeugfreunde Lucka e.V.





The Mulled Toast


To Sir Dugald Clerk I raise my glass,

his vision places him first in class.

For Alfred Scott let’s have your plaudits,

his Squirrels drove the four-strokes nuts.


To Motorradwerk Zschopau i doff my cap,

their Walter Kaaden deserves some clap.

Señores Bulto and Giro need a mention,

their flair for design got my attention.


Brian Stonebridge I allege,

initialled my thirst for two-stroke knowledge.

In academe I found inspiration

in Crossland and Timoney and Rowland Benson.


All of my students are accorded a bow,

their doctoral slavery stokes our know-how.

The craftsmen at Queen´s are awarded a medal,

their precision wrought engines from paper to metal.


For support from industry I proffer thanks,

their research funds educate many Ulster cranks,

but the friendships forged I value more

as they span from Iwata to Winnebago´s shore.


To the great road-racers I lift my hat,

they make the adrenalin pump pitter-pat,

for the Irish at that are always tough,

like Dunlop and Steenson and Ray Mc Cullough.


In case you think, as you peruse this tome,

that a computer terminal is my mental home,

I´ve motorcycled at trials with the occasional crash

and relieved fellow-golfers of some of their cash.




Gordon Blair

May 1989