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Thundersprint Live Ticker 2010


2.4.2010 Preparing the Engine...

24.4.2010 Building a new piston, with welded ring grooves and new turned ring grooves for ductile piston rings

2.5.2010 #135 the engine runs, finding the right ratio...
5.5.2010 one bus, some bikes, some gas, some beer
6.5.210  The roof is on fire, Rotterdam is reached
7.5.2010 At the ferry,  what is wrong  in the picture?
8.5.2010 Northwich - Thundersprint Bike Show - with MZ in centre
9.5.2010 The Thundersprint, incredible, they ALL love bikes, fantastic! (#135 1st in 175 cc) 
10.5.2010 The Kings from Prenzlauer Berg
11.5.2010 At the Cavern Club  
; 12.5.2010 Shopping at the Davida factory
13.5.2010 Game over, 1st in 175 cm3 
  14.5.2010 -